text project list
description public high school, open competition, 3rd prize
category Public
location Nicosia, Cyprus
built area 9.200 m²
Design Team

Stephan Buerger, Demetra Katsota, Flavian Lekkas, Thanassis Manis, Mladen Stamenic

client Ministry of Education, Republic of Cyprus
design year 2010
completion year

The new (open) school: The new school reflects changes in social conditions and educational standards and is perceived as the hub between dwelling, workplace and leisure place and the wider community, in which it integrates and serves. Under a single roof, the creation of a flexible space of activities, individual and group, teaching, educational and social, is proposed.
The horizontal school: The horizontal development of the complex serves an organizational system in which spatial distribution, access and construction merge effortlessly. The composition is characterized by a combination of larger, single volumes of public programmes that exceed in height a 'carpet' of single-storey teaching rows.
Particular emphasis was given to the design of both classrooms and their intermediate zones -patios and linear courtyards- associated with them. The schoolyard is located in the centre of the scheme with an opening to the outdoor space and the sports fields, and is surrounded by the gallery and other public programmes. The gradations, from open to shaded to closed, allow for flexible spatial appropriations under different weather conditions.
The school as a city. Paths and places: ‘A school should be like a city,’ according to Hertzberger. The building is defined both by its main axis of circulation -the ‘highway’- the transversal corridors -the secondary ‘streets’- and by the forecourt -the square-. The existing multipurpose hall merges and becomes an integral part of the public core of the school. Openings in its new elevation enhance communication and provide additional space for more tiers.
The school of the future: The school of the future is here, open, transparent, flexible. The central public axis is perceived as an open hall for information, learning, a market of searching, discoveries and actions. Emphasis was given to the multi-functional significance of intermediate spaces, meeting spaces and alternative use spaces, and to the multidimensional space of the classroom, through different possibilities for the organization and provision for future changes with an economic and efficient displacement of partition walls.
The mediterranean school: The credo of the modern movement, ‘light, air and sun’ is transformed into a concrete structure, in which the proposed hybrid type of a canopy building with extensive semi-open spaces, courtyard and patios, responds to the specific characteristics of the Mediterranean climate and of programme.
The structure is a thin and lightweight composite structure with a limited number of shear-walls. In the case of public programmes, metal beams allow for larger widths and cantilevers.

Title Year Type Locaction Country
STUDENT STUDIOS PATRAS 2007 Residential Patras Greece
LANDHOTEL SILVESTAR 2016 Hospitality Motovun Croatia
K314 OFFICE BUILDING 2021 Offices Athens Greece
ROLLING GREENS - VILLAS B 2019 Hospitality, Residential Messinia Greece
HOUSE E 2016 Residential Artemida Greece
RADISSON RESORT SKIATHOS 2020 Hospitality Skiathos Greece
HOUSES A·2 2015 Residential, Hospitality Paros Greece
ROLLING GREENS - VILLAS A 2019 Hospitality, Residential Messinia Greece
ONE ATHENS APARTMENT 2021 Residential Athens Greece
ANNENHEIM CUBES 2012 Residential, Hospitality Annenheim Austria
RESTAURANT THALERSEE 2020 Public, Hospitality Graz Austria
STUDENT STUDIOS THESSALONIKI 2016 Residential Thessaloniki Greece
HOUSE H 2012 Residential Corfu Greece
BELGIAN EMBASSY ATHENS 2008 Public Athens Greece
VILLA S 2006 Residential Vienna Austria
OKZT OFFICES & APARTMENTS 2019 Offices Klagenfurt Austria
HOUSE A+B 2008 Residential Paros Greece
MAYRHOFEN STATION 2018 Public Mayrhofen Austria
UNIVERSITY LIBRARY GRAZ 2015 Public Graz Austria
PENINSULA 2019 Residential, Hospitality Paros Greece
VILLA W1 2008 Residential Corfu Greece
APARTMENT BUILDING STD3 2022 Residential Athens Greece
CING LABORATORY BUILDING 2018 Public Nicosia Cyprus
FERANT GARDEN APARTMENT 2018 Residential Ljublijana Slovenia
SCHLOSSMUSEUM LINZ 2006 Public Linz Austria
THREE SPACES 2013 Exhibition Athens Greece
KUBAN RIVERSIDE HOTEL 2013 Hospitality Krasnodar Russia
AS IF 2014 Research, Exhibition Venice Italy
COOP BANK HEADQUARTERS 2012 Commercial, Offices Nicosia Cyprus
6 VOIDS: PXATHENS 2012 Exhibition Venice Italy
LARNACA AGORA 2011 Public Larnaca Cyprus
HOUSE B 2014 Residential Chania Greece
RATHAUSPARK PAVILION 2009 Public Vienna Austria
PX ATHENS 2012 Public, Masterplan Athens Greece
PX THREE CORNERS 2012 Public Athens Greece
HOUSE L 2016 Residential, Research Antiparos Greece
PX SIX THRESHOLDS 2012 Public Athens Greece
DASOUPOLI HIGH SCHOOL 2010 Public Nicosia Cyprus
CASPIAN SEA RESORT 2012 Masterplan Baku Azerbaijan
HOUSE T 2016 Residential Antiparos Greece
FERLACH TECHNICAL SCHOOL 2016 Public Ferlach Austria
OFFICE A 2009 Offices Athens Greece
CAUCASUS CONFERENCE CENTRE 2012 Public Qabala Azerbaijan
SUPERSTORE V 2008 Commercial Athens Greece
KYRIAZI DEVELOPMENT 2008 Commercial, Residential Kifisia Greece
KURA CULTURAL CENTRE 2013 Public Mingacevir Azerbaijan
CLDC HOUSING 2020 Residential Larnaca Cyprus
NOVARA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2018 Public, Educational Vienna Austria
APARTMENT BUILDING DP30 2021 Residential Athens Greece