text project list
description municipal market hall with cultural facilities, municipal parking and garage, open competition, entry
category Public
location Larnaca, Cyprus
built area 8.500 m²
Design Team

Stephan Buerger, Demetra Katsota, Thanassis Manis, Mladen Stamenic

client Municipality of Larnaca, Republic of Cyprus
design year 2011
completion year

Urban infastructure in negotiation: The scheme establishes a new urban condition that restructures the historical and commercial centre of Larnaka. The new municipal market square, market building and multi-storey parking are not conceived as autonomous objects in the urban landscape but as relational objects, containing a standardized and defined ‘void’.

Unfolding an urban panorama: The market square constitutes the re-formulation of the urban field as defined by its limits -the existing buildings and streets-, the new municipal market building and the oblique juxtaposition of the parking building. The three-dimensional folding of the square’s surface creates a dynamic vertical public space, defined by the field of the market, the ascending staircase and the programmed roof of the parking building. More than just an extension of the public square, the roof can host outdoor screenings, lectures, concerts, exhibitions and games, constituting a three dimensional public space: the unfolding of a unique urban panorama.

Beyond parking: The parking building becomes a landmark, nevertheless negotiates with its urban context through the chamfering of its edges as a clear gesture towards the surrounding buildings and their smaller scale. Thanks to the perforated copper-yellow cladding façade, day and night, the natural and the artificial lighting will transform the typical dark space of a garage into a space for exhibiting and promoting the ‘status symbol’ of the everydayness - the parked vehicles.

The passage, the stoa and the gate: The market building is defined by a ‘passage’ and a ‘stoa’ below a single roof, the folds and peaks of which correspond to the scale of the context and spatial particularities of a market. The municipal gallery is accommodated on the upper level along a circular route. Its double height section, the manageable qualities of the penetrating light and the dramatic relief of the roof establish a unique space for exhibiting art.

‘Cuprium aes’: The buildings are clad by a ‘filter’ of copper-yellow, perforated anodized aluminium panels, some fixed, some open-able, a reference to the colour and materiality of the Cyprus’s archetypal landmark: copper. At the parking building, the skin is ‘inflexible’ and protective, yet by being perforated allows the diffusion of natural and artificial.

At the municipal market building, the filter becomes skin and roof at the same time, a climatic moderator which corresponds to orientation and the alternating requirements for different qualities and quantities of natural light and ventilation.

Title Year Type Locaction Country
STUDENT STUDIOS PATRAS 2007 Residential Patras Greece
LANDHOTEL SILVESTAR 2016 Hospitality Motovun Croatia
K314 OFFICE BUILDING 2021 Offices Athens Greece
ROLLING GREENS - VILLAS B 2019 Hospitality, Residential Messinia Greece
HOUSE E 2016 Residential Artemida Greece
RADISSON RESORT SKIATHOS 2020 Hospitality Skiathos Greece
HOUSES A·2 2015 Residential, Hospitality Paros Greece
ROLLING GREENS - VILLAS A 2019 Hospitality, Residential Messinia Greece
ONE ATHENS APARTMENT 2021 Residential Athens Greece
ANNENHEIM CUBES 2012 Residential, Hospitality Annenheim Austria
RESTAURANT THALERSEE 2020 Public, Hospitality Graz Austria
STUDENT STUDIOS THESSALONIKI 2016 Residential Thessaloniki Greece
HOUSE H 2012 Residential Corfu Greece
BELGIAN EMBASSY ATHENS 2008 Public Athens Greece
VILLA S 2006 Residential Vienna Austria
OKZT OFFICES & APARTMENTS 2019 Offices Klagenfurt Austria
HOUSE A+B 2008 Residential Paros Greece
MAYRHOFEN STATION 2018 Public Mayrhofen Austria
UNIVERSITY LIBRARY GRAZ 2015 Public Graz Austria
PENINSULA 2019 Residential, Hospitality Paros Greece
VILLA W1 2008 Residential Corfu Greece
APARTMENT BUILDING STD3 2022 Residential Athens Greece
CING LABORATORY BUILDING 2018 Public Nicosia Cyprus
FERANT GARDEN APARTMENT 2018 Residential Ljublijana Slovenia
SCHLOSSMUSEUM LINZ 2006 Public Linz Austria
THREE SPACES 2013 Exhibition Athens Greece
KUBAN RIVERSIDE HOTEL 2013 Hospitality Krasnodar Russia
AS IF 2014 Research, Exhibition Venice Italy
COOP BANK HEADQUARTERS 2012 Commercial, Offices Nicosia Cyprus
6 VOIDS: PXATHENS 2012 Exhibition Venice Italy
LARNACA AGORA 2011 Public Larnaca Cyprus
HOUSE B 2014 Residential Chania Greece
RATHAUSPARK PAVILION 2009 Public Vienna Austria
PX ATHENS 2012 Public, Masterplan Athens Greece
PX THREE CORNERS 2012 Public Athens Greece
HOUSE L 2016 Residential, Research Antiparos Greece
PX SIX THRESHOLDS 2012 Public Athens Greece
DASOUPOLI HIGH SCHOOL 2010 Public Nicosia Cyprus
CASPIAN SEA RESORT 2012 Masterplan Baku Azerbaijan
HOUSE T 2016 Residential Antiparos Greece
FERLACH TECHNICAL SCHOOL 2016 Public Ferlach Austria
OFFICE A 2009 Offices Athens Greece
CAUCASUS CONFERENCE CENTRE 2012 Public Qabala Azerbaijan
SUPERSTORE V 2008 Commercial Athens Greece
KYRIAZI DEVELOPMENT 2008 Commercial, Residential Kifisia Greece
KURA CULTURAL CENTRE 2013 Public Mingacevir Azerbaijan
CLDC HOUSING 2020 Residential Larnaca Cyprus
NOVARA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2018 Public, Educational Vienna Austria
APARTMENT BUILDING DP30 2021 Residential Athens Greece