text project list
description school extension, open competition, entry
category Public, Educational
location Vienna, Austria
built area 1.560 m²
Design Team

Stephan Buerger, Demetra Katsota, Maria Chassioti, Georgios Kourakos, Myrto Tsarouchi


Taras Diachun

Model Photographs

Leonidas Kalpaxidis

client City of Vienna, MA 21A
design year 2018
completion year

The intervention is as direct and restrained as possible, surgically inserted, allowing the Nova school to work as an entity. The building integrates easily into the formal vocabulary of its context with its façade inspired by the rhythm, scale and material expression of the neighbouring buildings reinterpreted in a curtain wall structure. Its materiality confirms the volumetric character: an exposed grid with bare aluminium cladding, glazed surfaces randomly interrupted by solid parts. The light silver-coloured aluminium window frames refer to the off white-coloured facades and window frames of the surrounding buildings. Openings, providing sufficient natural ventilation are placed in relation to interior planning rather than imposing any formal, exterior logic.

The architecture of the new building responds to the demands for a progressive and contemporary educational programme built around team working methodology, individualized instruction, skill building and project-based learning. The decision to place the gymnasium below ground liberated the ground floor which acquires a distinct public character. The main entrance to the new building is from the west via a passage establishing a connection between the street, the school and the inner courtyard. The interconnected public spaces -common room and cafeteria- will not only be merely part of the school, but are anticipated to become a popular place for the local community. On the upper levels the plan’s typology references that of the ‘twin’ school buildings with their central distribution hall, yet radicalises their tripartite organisation featuring a new stratification, with the central axis serving as a three-dimensional distributive and group-work space. On levels +02 and +03, four new classrooms on each, are grouped into a cluster with learning commons just outside. By programming multi-use in the in-between spaces, the scheme de-institutionalizes transitional spaces and gives a sense of place. These gallery-like common areas, including lounges, media space, a storytelling niche or project area, encourage flexible teaching approaches and cater for social communication. The new classrooms, provide an environment that promotes concentration and relaxation. Accessed from two sides, they meet safety regulations while also allowing the room’s subdivision into separate functional ‘corners’. Having a fully external glazed façade, a maximum natural illumination is achieved while at the same time unveiling views. The building’s vertical stratification responds to the existing ‘twin’ buildings’ section, facilitating levelled access on all levels. A rooftop playscape will provide a secure play environment for the whole school complex, while unveiling spectacular views above Vienna’s rooftops.

The building is an innovative construction, offering unique qualitative possibilities. The below ground levels are concrete while the upper are a modular timber structure for maximum flexibility and short construction times. The materials’ palette within the building is confined to fair-faced concrete, natural timber, white plaster and glass.

Title Year Type Locaction Country
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LANDHOTEL SILVESTAR 2016 Hospitality Motovun Croatia
K314 OFFICE BUILDING 2021 Offices Athens Greece
ROLLING GREENS - VILLAS B 2019 Hospitality, Residential Messinia Greece
HOUSE E 2016 Residential Artemida Greece
RADISSON RESORT SKIATHOS 2020 Hospitality Skiathos Greece
HOUSES A·2 2015 Residential, Hospitality Paros Greece
ROLLING GREENS - VILLAS A 2019 Hospitality, Residential Messinia Greece
ONE ATHENS APARTMENT 2021 Residential Athens Greece
ANNENHEIM CUBES 2012 Residential, Hospitality Annenheim Austria
RESTAURANT THALERSEE 2020 Public, Hospitality Graz Austria
STUDENT STUDIOS THESSALONIKI 2016 Residential Thessaloniki Greece
HOUSE H 2012 Residential Corfu Greece
BELGIAN EMBASSY ATHENS 2008 Public Athens Greece
VILLA S 2006 Residential Vienna Austria
OKZT OFFICES & APARTMENTS 2019 Offices Klagenfurt Austria
HOUSE A+B 2008 Residential Paros Greece
MAYRHOFEN STATION 2018 Public Mayrhofen Austria
UNIVERSITY LIBRARY GRAZ 2015 Public Graz Austria
PENINSULA 2019 Residential, Hospitality Paros Greece
VILLA W1 2008 Residential Corfu Greece
APARTMENT BUILDING STD3 2022 Residential Athens Greece
CING LABORATORY BUILDING 2018 Public Nicosia Cyprus
FERANT GARDEN APARTMENT 2018 Residential Ljublijana Slovenia
SCHLOSSMUSEUM LINZ 2006 Public Linz Austria
THREE SPACES 2013 Exhibition Athens Greece
KUBAN RIVERSIDE HOTEL 2013 Hospitality Krasnodar Russia
AS IF 2014 Research, Exhibition Venice Italy
COOP BANK HEADQUARTERS 2012 Commercial, Offices Nicosia Cyprus
6 VOIDS: PXATHENS 2012 Exhibition Venice Italy
LARNACA AGORA 2011 Public Larnaca Cyprus
HOUSE B 2014 Residential Chania Greece
RATHAUSPARK PAVILION 2009 Public Vienna Austria
PX ATHENS 2012 Public, Masterplan Athens Greece
PX THREE CORNERS 2012 Public Athens Greece
HOUSE L 2016 Residential, Research Antiparos Greece
PX SIX THRESHOLDS 2012 Public Athens Greece
DASOUPOLI HIGH SCHOOL 2010 Public Nicosia Cyprus
CASPIAN SEA RESORT 2012 Masterplan Baku Azerbaijan
HOUSE T 2016 Residential Antiparos Greece
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OFFICE A 2009 Offices Athens Greece
CAUCASUS CONFERENCE CENTRE 2012 Public Qabala Azerbaijan
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KYRIAZI DEVELOPMENT 2008 Commercial, Residential Kifisia Greece
KURA CULTURAL CENTRE 2013 Public Mingacevir Azerbaijan
CLDC HOUSING 2020 Residential Larnaca Cyprus
NOVARA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2018 Public, Educational Vienna Austria
APARTMENT BUILDING DP30 2021 Residential Athens Greece